Book Review: The Leading Edge Of Now by Marci Lyn Curtis


Title: The Leading Edge Of Now

Author: Marci Lyn Curtis

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Fiction

Release Date: September 4, 2018


Just when Grace is beginning to get used to being an orphan, her estranged uncle suddenly comes forward to claim her. That might have been okay if he’d spoken to her even once since her father died. Or if moving in with Uncle Rusty didn’t mean returning to New Harbor.

Grace once spent the best summers of her life in New Harbor. Now the place just reminds her of all she’s lost: her best friend, her boyfriend and any memory of the night that changed her forever.

People say the truth will set you free, but Grace isn’t sure about that. Once she starts looking for it, the truth about that night is hard to find — and what happens when her healing hurts the people she cares about the most?


Grace is back at her hometown and while she’s dealing with grief because she lost her father, she’s also dealing with survivor’s guilt as she was sexually abused the same week that her father died. There were a lot of questions in Grace’s mind because it’s the first time in 2 years that her uncle contacted her to request for custody (she’s been living in a foster home). It was hard for her to go back to her hometown where she’s reminded of everything she wanted to forget; that includes her ex-boyfriend Owen, who she believes is the one who raped her.

The pacing and the writing of this book was great. For such a heavy theme/subject, the author made it easy for me toย connect with and root for Grace and also get to know and understand the other characters better. I also found myself guessing who the real culprit was behind Grace’s abuse.

This is one of the books that will really stick with you long after you’ve finished reading it. An important, heartbreaking, and poignant read.

Thanks to NetGalley and Kids Can Press for providing me a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

Favorite Quotes:

“Grief isn’t something you can’t hurdle. It’s something you carry on your back. You just find a way to cart it around without letting the weight of it fold you in half. You learn to live with it, because you don’t have a choice.”

“Relationships are like yard sales. They look good from a distance, but once you get up close, you realize that all they offer is a bunch of crap you don’t need.”

“Moving on, I guess, isn’t about glossing over the past. It’s about choosing happiness. And sometimes, choosing happiness means acknowledging painful things and then letting them go.”

“Your dad told me once that people tend to put their stock into one of two things, luck or hope. But that when it really comes down to it, luck and hope are the same thing — a wish, thrown up to the universe.”

Soundtrack: Unbreakable by Jamie Scott

Rating:ย Purple-FullPurple-FullPurple-FullPurple-FullPurple-Full

Buy Links:ย Goodreads || Amazon || Book Depository

7255598About the author:

Marci Lyn Curtis is the author of young adult dramedies THE ONE THING and THE LEADING EDGE OF NOW. She lives near Tampa, Florida with her husband. You can find out more about Marci on her website (, on Twitter (@Marci_Curtis), on Instagram (@marcilyncurtis), or on Facebook (marcilyncurtis).



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