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Liebster Award


I was nominated by Justine @ Bookish Wisps for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much! Make sure to check her blog!

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and display the award.
  • Answer 11 questions they asked you.
  • Come up with your own 11 questions
  • Tag 11 bloggers and don’t forget to tell them.
Justine’s Questions:

1. What is your spirit animal? a koala!

2. Who is your favorite villain? And why? Draco Malfoy! I really think he’s conflicted because of the expectations of everyone around him.

3. Pick the main characters from the last three books you read. Now do Kiss, Marry, Kill! (from Kaya) Kiss Lucas (from Fairy Tale Fail), Marry Joshua (from Love At First Run), Kill Joey (from Hearts Unbroken)

4. Who is your auto-read author? Holly Bourne

5. Weird food combination you love? chips and rice!

6. What is your most favorite quote? Where it is from? Or who said it? “The only love affair I needed to invest in right now was one with myself. Spend some time with me. Figuring out myself and why I picked the relationships I did. I was holding out my heart to me. Because I’d realized I was the only person who could give me a happily-ever-after.” from the book It Only Happens In The Movies by Holly Bourne

7. What is your least favorite read? Since You Left Me by Allen Zadoff

8. You won a full accommodation to fly and stay out in any place in the world. Where would it be and why? New York or Florence! Those are included on my list of dream destinations!

9. What books are you anticipating to be released this December? Dear Heartbreak: YA Authors and Teens on the Dark Side of Love

10. Any song you’ve been jamming into? What title? Maybe the Night by Ben & Ben

11. What was the last movie you saw? Exes Baggage

My Questions:
  1. Who is your favorite author?
  2. What’s your go-to genre to get out of a reading slump?
  3. Are you a mood reader or a TBR reader?
  4. What’s a popular book series that you haven’t read yet?
  5. What’s your most anticipated release for January 2019?
  6. Where’s your favorite place to read?
  7. Coffee or tea?
  8. Marvel or DC?
  9. What’s your favorite movie?
  10. How many books do you own?
  11. How many books are on your TBR?

I nominate the following:

Allen The Page Turner

The Nocturnal Fey

Merv Reads



The Joyful Reader


The Bookish Pisces

Little Bookish Thoughts

Pinot and Pages

Life With All The Books


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