Book Review: The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily by Laura Creedle


Title: The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily

Author: Laura Creedle

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mental Health

Release Date: December 26, 2017


When Lily Michaels-Ryan ditches her ADHD meds and lands in detention with Abelard, who has Asperger’s, she’s intrigued—Abelard seems thirty seconds behind, while she feels thirty seconds ahead. It doesn’t hurt that he’s brilliant and beautiful.

When Abelard posts a quote from The Letters of Abelard and Heloise online, their mutual affinity for ancient love letters connects them. The two fall for each other. Hard. But is it enough to bridge their differences in person?

This hilarious, heartbreaking story of human connection between two neurodivergent teens creates characters that will stay with you long after you finish reading.


Lily has ADHD and Abelard has Asperger’s. It was one incident in school that brought them together.

I love Lily’s character and it was great to see what was going on inside her head. I was hoping to see/know more about Abelard’s condition too but Lily was the sole narrator of this story.

Their relationship progressed via love letters/text messages and I liked how the author showed the Lily and Abelard’s love for each other without really letting them have a lot of physical contact (because Abelard has Asperger’s).

This book also showed some important issues such as bullying, mental health (obviously), and family drama. A fun, sweet, and emotional read.

Favorite Quotes:

“When you lose things constantly, as I do, it helps to remember that matter can never be created or destroyed. You will always find what you are looking for later, probably when it’s no longer important to you.”

“I had to let him go. Because pain. Our world together was too golden, too perfect to last.”

“Love is about being broken beyond repair in the eyes of the world and finding someone who thinks you’re just fine. More than fine, that you are special and precious because you understand how it feels to be broken and you have a real human heart.”

Soundtrack: Beautiful by Virginia to Vegas

Rating: Purple-FullPurple-FullPurple-FullPurple-HalfNo-Star

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Do you like writing/receiving love letters? Let me know in the comments!

15057087About the Author:

Website || Instagram

Laura Creedle is dyslexic, neuro-divergent, and has ADHD. She lives in Austin, Texas in an urban forest with her husband and son, a cat who thinks he’s a dog, and a tiny dog who acts like a cat. Also, a half dozen raccoons who have burrowed into her attic. Unless she plays NPR on a radio in the attic, because as everyone knows, raccoons hate low key pleasant liberalism.

Like most people in Austin, Laura plays guitar. She also owns more than one pair of cowboy boots. Neither of these is a requirement, but they help.

When not writing, Laura volunteers with a kindergarten pre-literacy program at a local school.


14 thoughts on “Book Review: The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily by Laura Creedle

  1. This book sounds interesting. In my career as a speech pathologist, I worked with children with Asperger’s and ADHD. I’m glad to hear about a book bringing awareness to ADHD and Asperger’s!

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