Book Review: Crack of Dawn by Luicy Bora



Title: Crack of Dawn

Author: Luicy Bora

Genre: Poetry, Romance

Release Date: July 8, 2018


‘Crack of Dawn’ is a collection of poetry and prose with few illustrations.
Here a girl develops an infatuation for a rider person whose name signifies daybreak, reveals about her feelings through poetry and prose. This collection is composed by three chapters. The one says about the person for whom the affection is felt for. The second says about the girl’s divergent feelings and thoughts which one has to deal with while in love. And the third says about few memorable moments of them together.
‘Crack of Dawn’ will eventually tell a story about the girl and her love life.


It’s really hard for me to review poetry since I feel that I can never truly get the exact message that the author is trying to convey, but in this case, it was an enjoyable read for me.

This poetry book talks about the different stages of romantic love. It shows infatuation, the actual moment of falling in love, the not-so-good moments, and going back to the familiar feeling of love.

The illustrations were done well and added more life to each poem. There were parts that were quite hard for me to understand because of the word choices, but overall, this was a lovely and enjoyable read. Thank you to the author for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Favorite Verse:


It has to wind up someday

Like a moving picture’s end

Inspite of everything

Whether it is good or bad

Mutual or ugly

O’good shepherd

Just show me that

Window of chance

From where I could narrate

That there was no one crazy

As us, when we were in love

Rating: Purple-FullPurple-FullPurple-FullPurple-HalfNo-Star

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imagesAbout the Author:

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Luicy Bora is a girl from India who has been in love with art since her childhood and is trying to be a better person everyday. She appreciates surrealism and expressionism very much. She feels to take a pen and to write when her heart holds a strong energy about something.


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